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Welcome to our resources page. Here we try and answer some of the questions that we have received over the years. If there is anything else that you would like to know about graphic design or websites please send us a message through the form on our contact page and we'll see if we can find the best answer for you.

My site is not showing the updates that have been made?
Most browsers are set to store a certain amount of files offline so that it saves time when browsing sites regularly. This means it doesn't refresh the site each time you go there, unless its been some time in between visits. The way to view the site is to reload the entire site from the server, so that you download all the files from scratch. To do this go to the page that you would like to visit; press and hold control and then press F5. This should reload the page and the new info will appear.

Google Adwords/Sponsored Links: (Very Quick Overview)
Adwords apprear on the right hand side of google. These are adverts that have been paid for and they are activated by entering certain search strings into Google Adwords when setting up campaigns. If a user enters the search words it will activate the advert, but there are certain factors, namely pricing that effect the performance of your Adwords. There are two factors when budgeting for Adwords. Firstly, the person that pays the highest price for a click will usually be at the top of the list (highest in the list/ratings). The other factor is the budget, this can be set in various ways, per day or per month etc. Once your budget is exhausted your advert will not apply. For example if you set your max click price for R10 per day and your daily budget at R30, your ad may appear at the top of the list for many searches, but once the ad has been clicked on 3 times at R10 per click, your ad will no longer appear for the day.  The per click prices are not displayed, so the only way to know roughly how much someone else is paying is to slowly increase the per click price until you appear above, it is like an undisclosed auction pricing system.

Online ordering vs Online payments
Orders via html It is possible to collect order information via submission form online using basic html forms. The user can enter in almost any required information into the forms and submit the form via the website. The information will be sent to the relevant email address and will contain the order information specified. This option is very affordable (usually the same price as any other html page)
Online orders with payments
In order to process payments online, you need more specialised programming with databases as well as an online payment system and bank account linked to it. The option increases all development costs as well as your monthly costs to host/run the more advanced processes. We do not offer this option as a part of our standard products/services.

Google – how do I get up the rankings?
We do not want to give away our trade secrets regarding Google ratings and there are no guarantees that we can offer with regard to placements and hits, however we will advise you as best as we know possible should you order a website from Fdesign.

How long does it take to get my site and email running?
We will setup the account with the hosting company as soon as we get the go ahead from you to do so. They will invoice you directly and send you an invoice for the amount due. Only once they have received proof of payment will they activate the account. This process usually takes 2-4 working days (from payment). Once it is active we are able to setup the email addresses and hosting. In order to speed things up we recommend that you make payment and email proof thereof as soon as possible.

Font Limitations on Websites: Why cant I use any font for my sites text?
Internet browsers and most operating systems only come with a certain amount of fonts installed by default. If you use a font that is not installed then the font will default to one that you do have on your computer. This means that uses with out the fonts installed will see another substituted font and not the one you would like. For this reason we stick to browser safe ones like, verdana, tahoma, times and arial.

Standard Paper Sizes    
Business Card Size:
90mm X 50mm (RSA)
80mm X 55mm (International)
DL Size:

99mm X 210mm
A6 Size:
105mm X 148mm
A5 Size:
148mm X 210mm
A4 Size:
210mm X 297mm
A3 Size:
297mm X 420mm
A2 Size:
420mm X 594mm
A1 Size:
594mm X 841mm
A0 Size:
841mm X 1189mm
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